A year ago I gave up my smoking habit, lately I’ve been cutting down on the black coffee, currently having 1-2 a day – but still, one addiction remains that effects my blood pressure as much as the other 2, and the physical and mental health of millions likewise across the globe – football.

Anyway, enough with the stupid opening – the reason I’m starting this blog is because I can’t get enough of football.  I wake up every morning and check the latest paper garbage rumours, then I load Football Manager, talk to friends about football online, go on football forums, play some Fifa 09 on the Xbox 360 and of course watch any football if its on.  I’ll even probably tune in to the North Korea vs Iran World Cup qualifier in a few hours – the battle of the rogue nuclear states, epic.  Also, another reason I’m starting this is because I can’t help feeling like airing my views everytime I hear idiots say stuff like “Ibrahimovic is overrated” or paraphrase whatever bullshit Andy Townsend has said on TV and present it as their own original opinion.

I gave this blog the silly title so it sticks in your head and hopefully you’ll enjoy it and come back to read more, as well as it being a dedication to the greatest football commentator of all time, Gol TV’s resident psychotic geordie Ray Hudson.  He comes up with poetic genius like that every minute commentating on Spanish football (especially Barca matches), but he uttered these particular immortal words after what is maybe my favourite goal of all time, Ronaldinho’s wondergoal against Villareal in 2006:

Also, I’m a Liverpool fan – so you probably will notice a little bias towards them in my holy scripture, though i’ll try my best to be impartial – but just to get it out in the open now, I felt we deserved to win the league this season and not United (cue barrage of hatred from any United fan who may read this)


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